The smile? A constant work? An appealing conversationalist? What is it that women inside their 20s want from a man? And is it surely that not the same as what i want to fuck older women desire?

After exploring what ladies in their particular
30s, 40s, and 50s desire from men
, the net dating site
ended up being enthusiastic about exactly what ladies in their 20s were looking for also. To simply help get deeply into the psyche among these youthful female minds, they found the most known 36 phrases and words feamales in their 20s used normally while explaining the kind of guy they’d like to be within their online dating sites profile.

So what did they get a hold of? Generally, it wasn’t that distinct from exactly what older ladies want off their guys but there were various essential takeaways…

Women in their unique 20s definitely wish some guy who can make sure they are laugh.

So much so that

make fun of

was the number 1 phrase pointed out while describing exactly who their particular best match might be. Additional prominent attributes also included

funny, spontaneity,

create me make fun of,


want to laugh.

Fun is a leading concern.

Though ladies of age ranges mention


as a top trait (fourth for women within their 30s and 40s, and third for women who’re 50+), for women in their


had been the no. 2 thing they talk about whenever explaining what they want in men.

Like all ladies, they need someone honest.

For females within 30s,  40s, and 50s


ended up being the no. 1 word pointed out while describing the individual they’re looking for. Whilst works out, feamales in their own 20s want an honest man as well. It absolutely was the 4th the majority of mentioned phrase. Additionally prominent was

faithful, sincere, genuine,



Feamales in their own 20s think of top much more.

Unlike different age-groups, feamales in their 20s had been the only party to say that a


guy had been important.

They can be interested in a family-minded guy.

Believe it or not, feamales in their 20s are interested in a man that’s contemplating a family group. A guy who values


was the 7th most widely used word, while


was pointed out twelfth.

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What Ladies In Their 20s Seek in a Guy

The best 36 Content Revealed While Explaining Their Particular Perfect Match

  1. make fun of
  2. enjoyable
  3. funny
  4. sincere
  5. love of life
  6. kind
  7. family members
  8. caring
  9. laugh
  10. make me chuckle
  11. challenging
  12. going
  13. devoted
  14. loving
  15. outgoing
  16. adventurous
  17. sincere
  18. wise
  19. nice
  20. large
  21. positive
  22. passionate
  23. down-to-earth
  24. smart
  25. in the open air
  26. natural
  27. guy
  28. authentic
  29. travel
  30. creative
  31. adventures
  32. respect
  33. music
  34. actual
  35. comprehending
  36. animals