Premier Carpet Service Testimonials


I recently had my carpets cleaned by ChemDry. I had some urine stains (about 10 - 15) throughout the home, especially in one concentrated area. My home is approximately 650 SQ of carpet. ChemDry charged me almsot $300 to get them "Cleaned" and that price was without the "purt" product which is recomended for urine treatment, which was at $40 a gallon and they suggested i use 3 - 4 gallons. So, we would have been in the $375 range. I decided against the purt since $375 seemes over-priced, and they cleaned my carpets. When they left, the stains still smelled, and my carpets had this grey dingy look to them (these are brand new carpets installed summer 2012). So I know they should not have looked that way. Also, they did not feel soft and plush anymore under my feet, instead they felt stiff and sort of crunchy. Needless to say i was disapointed, and needed help.

After thourough research of top-rated carpet cleaners in the area, I stumbled upon John Talley at Premier Carpet Service. I explained the situation to him, and days later he came out to clean my carpets. I knew by the big truck that came to my house, with all the huge equipment, something was finally going to be done about this carpet. He assesed the situation, applied the right products (which might I add he is VERY knowledgable about all of it) and cleaned the carpets up so well! The equipment he brings out is top-notch very powerful equipment. He actually cleans the carpet with good hot water after applying the right chemicals, and is actually able to suck the excess water out of the carpet with how powerful his eqiupment is. Unlike other places that just disperse tons of water and cannot pick it back up because the motors in thier vacuums cannot suck up that much water. His technique rocks! My carpets now actually feel so soft to the touch, and they no longer have that nasty grey dingy look to them that ChemDry left behind. They look, feel and smell... beautiful again!! Also, the price was way less!!

Needless to say, if your looking for a very knowledgable and professional person, with outstanding equpiment to get the job done right... Premier Carpet Service is the place to call!

—Chris K.

Thanks again for the quality work and attention to detail on the recent carpet cleaning of our home.

Thanks again, Dave Kleier
— Federal Way WA

Absolutely wonderful! Fast efficient and affordable! Thank you so much for fitting us in last minute! Highly recommended to anyone in need! My carpets went from being dull and dingy, 7 year old son and 2 cats will do that too a beige carpet, to bright beige and it's so soft!! Thanks so much premier carpet service! You rock!

— Happy C.
Bothell WA.

I'm moving out of my current house and needed to clean the carpets, Premier did such a great job and they are reasonably priced, too. My cats spilled red koolaid and decided to mark in my room, but after Premier came in and cleaned, you could really see the difference. Thank you to Premier for the excellent work they did!

— Chelsey L.
Bothell WA.

I've been bothered with the concern of moving to a different apartment complex, because the of living here so long the carpet looked so worn and terrible, that I was not only tired of looking at it, and also become embarrassed enough that I feared having company over. I was impressed when I saw not just the van; but, especially the cleaning engine in their bigger truck. To this day, I have never seen and/or heard of carpet cleaning business that had such a high-powered setup. In short, Premier Carpet Service not only uses a great industrial size maching in their larger truck; but, still remains practical to other clients with the use of their other equipment in the other van, to service carpets, furtiture, etc., which may demand such power to please the customer. I never thought my carpet could never have been restored like new, and truly content on how much nicer couch looks, and overall improved smell of my home. Thanks to their service, for being a miracle worker in my eyes, I am finally happy to invite friends, and family over! My carpet actually looks better now than when I first moved in, eleven years ago.

— Pete H.
Tacoma, WA

I have used Premier Carpet Service at work and home for over 10 years. John has always been on time and under budget. When he quotes a price that's the price you pay.

— Jeremy B.
Seattle, WA

We have Premier Carpet Service clean our 2,500 sq ft home every year for the past 20 years. Our original sandstone colored carpeting still looks great. I am amazed every year that Premier is able to eliminate all the spots and stains that accumulate during the year. Annual carpet cleaning has saved us money by not having to replace carpeting. They also clean our RV and vehicles and do a great job.

— Sara H.
Medford, OR

Excellent and professional service. We will definitely use Premier Carpet Service again.

— Rondal M.
Seattle, WA

Wow! Best ever. I've lived in more homes than I care to remember. It's hard to find a quality carpet cleaner. The owner John was out to our place on time. His vehicle and appearance was clean and professional. I still can not believe how clean our carpets were when he left. We had some ugly oil stains from our exercise equipment . He made it vanish. John was very respectful of our home while providing his service. Will hire him again for sure. He brought new life to our carpets.

— James T.
Kenmore, WA

I've known John for years as one of his suppliers. He's so experienced, like 30+ years, I've hired him to test new products of mine on several occasions. Anymore, he's way too busy cleaning for people. John's knowledge of hot water extraction & his skill, equipment and integrity rank him way up there, like 9 or even 10.

— Joe Bristor
Wander Products Kent, WA

Premier carpet service,Professional appearance and excellence service!!!

— Chandara L.
Lynnwood, WA

Premier Carpet Service IS the best Carpet Cleaning Service. John stands behind his word... something you just don't find very often now-a-days. When you decide to have your carpets cleaned, for the best results, call Premier Carpet Service...I did and you will be glad you did too...

— Connie L.
Central Point, OR

When i lived in Washington this was the only guy I would use for carpet cleaning. John has great equipment and does a great job. He cares about what he does. I would give the guy keys to my house and never have a worry. How many friends can you say that about let alone someone doing your carpet. He cleaned my carpet for more than 20 years, wish he would move to Idaho, have not had the same luck here.

— Jeff C.
Nampa, ID

I have hired this company for numerous jobs over many years. I can't say enough great things about John, his company, and his fantastic truck!!! I have been responsible for selling and renting many properties, and John has saved my clients thousands of dollars by cleaning carpets we thought were too far gone to save. Punctual, and he doesn't charge enough money for his great work.

— Angela M.
Tacoma, WA

Our company was looking to get the carpets cleaned. We called around and got some quotes to get an idea what it would cost. Not only did Premier Carpet offer a better rate, they have far superior equipment than 99% of the competition. We have 100+ employees walking in and out of the office everyday. Talk about the worst kind of abuse on the carpet. This was not a easy job, but he sure made those carpets look amazing!

We couldn't be happier with the entire process and I look like a genius to my boss for finding and recommending Premier Carpet Service. I will be calling again, thanks guys!

— Geoffrey D.
Seattle, WA

Premier Carpet gives a great cleaning service. They have made the house we rented looking and smelling like brand new when we needed its carpets cleaned of built up stains when we moved to our new home. Our previous landlords are pretty happy with how "we" took care of their home before we moved out. Thanks, Premier Carpet Service!

— Janice C.
Tacoma, WA

John is THE BEST. no... i dont think you understand. literally THE BEST. i had my apartment cleaned by him instead of the people the complex uses when people move out, when i moved out. and they were extremely impressed. i recommend him to all the restaurants i work with and one customer has 20 year old carpet. IT LOOKS BRAND NEW. Premier carpet service is literally the best. use them and you will be SO glad you did.

— Raffi P.
Kent, WA

We used Premier Carpet Service for our carpets when we first moved into our new home. The folks we bought the house from didn't bother to try to keep the carpets clean when they were moving out, so with all the rain at the time, our carpets were quite muddy and looked just awful.

But, after Premier was through with the floors, they looked awesome! We were so pleased at the difference before/after. The price was great. They were friendly, polite, and punctual. We highly recommend Premier and will definitely use them, again.

— Cheryl L.
Bonney Lake, WA

John is absolutely AMAZING!!! He did a fantastic job with our very difficult, very dirty and very kid/pet-stained carpets. My entire house now looks brand new! He was quick to provide service, I made one phone call and he was here the next day. Everything was done very professionally. Carpet drying time was really great too. Premier Carpet Service has been cleaning our home for 5+ years. There's no where else we will go. John is truly the best out there!

— Lana Freeborn
Sumner, WA

John Has been doing our carpet for years..Only trust him, know one else! GREAT SERVICE!! THANKS..

— David Nagy
Federal Way, WA

Owner, Operator, Customer Service and passionate about his business. John will take care of your home or office and make it new. I have known John and Premier Carpet Service back to 1995 and back him 100%.

— Matt N
Ashland, OR